Who is frightening the ‘nillas?

Just read a lovely little snippet about a man being walked though the downtown of a large city on his hands and knees like a dog on a leash by an attractive woman. Apparently this is rather shocking to a lot of people. So either I spend way too much time in the dungeon or they are way too easily shocked! Either way, with the nice weather coming, I am willing to entertain the idea of an outing here or there for my regular slaves – shopping trips, dinner, ‘special’ coffee (use your imagination) or I suppose, a walk downtown!

New Toys

So while I was away having a lot of fun hanging out with some amazing porn stars, a box arrived at the dungeon. It was full of all sorts of goodies – medical goodies, which you know are my favourite kind!

IMG_20140407_212202I am now the very proud owner of a set of 3 classic stainless steel enema syringes. They come in 100cc, 150cc and 200cc. They each have two different nozzle heads and they are just so wonderfully shiny! I’ve been smiling so much my cheeks hurt, touching them, cradling them, admiring how sleek and beautiful they are. I can’t wait to make use of them. I also have that castile soap kicking around somewhere….

IMG_20140407_212224I also got a great Rigby Retractor. It is big and heavy and it clicks as you open it. I fell in love with it’s cold steel and weight. It feels so good in my hand. I’m sure it will feel even better when it’s shoved cruelly in some unhappy but willing victim. I love how you suffer to make me happy.

IMG_20140407_212243If you’re complaining too much, I will just have to use my new nose hook on you, to turn you into the ungrateful little piggy you are. The stainless steel prongs digging into your nostrils will remind you that you will accept my attentions, no matter how uncomfortable or painful, because I choose to grace you with them. If you complain, things will only get worse.

I got a few more things, but I will tell you about them later on in the week, can’t spoil all the surprises at once!

Feminist Porn Conference

I will be presenting and attending the Feminist Porn Conference this weekend, so I will not be taking sessions until next week. I will be off having fun and learning all about porn, hanging out with porn stars and generally having an amazing time, while you guys just dream of being allowed to hang out with us. Don’t worry, I will take pictures and tell you stories when I get back.

Pubic Hair?

After reading an article on Alternet called “Why Getting Rid of Your Pubic Hair is Over Rated” I just had to write an entry about it.

It begins by talking about the aesthetics of pubes – how unpleasant they look peeking out from under a bathing suit at the waterpark and how our attitudes towards pubic hair has changed over time, thanks largely to magazines like Playboy and the acceptability of full frontal nudity in photography.

The author, Cher Nobelle, compares the bush of the 70′s to the full Brazilian wax of Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian. The idea being that if one enjoys certain oral pleasures, male or female, one should be considerate of their partner and remove the possibility of a stray pube ending up between the teeth.

Now, for those of you who are curious about waxing your whole package – from front to back, you really should get it all, I do offer a special hair removal option during sessions. I promise it will be a painful and very unpleasant experience. I do know how to do waxing for hair removal but I don’t get the same amount of practice that an esthetician gets, so it will probably hurt more (oh, who am I kidding, I will make sure it hurts more!).

Next, she talks about the ‘ick’ factor, the reason a lot of people say they prefer to go bald down there. Many people say they feel cleaner without pubic hair, I have to say I am firmly in that camp. Nobelle uses the example of our beloved furry friends, actual ones, not furries, as an example;

Think about it. When you grunt in disgust over your dog or cat licking their bums, it’s not, “Oh my god, I can’t believe they’re licking the hair around those holes.” It’s, “Oh my god, I can’t believe they’re licking those holes.” You know what comes out of them. To make your dog or cat cleaner, you’d clean the hole—not shave them.

Thankfully, I have a solution for this problem too. While it’s normally a part of either a medical or discipline session, enema play can be incorporated into any session where we both agree to it. It’s sure to clean out at least one of your holes and would be rather amusing to combine with some hair removal – either concurrently or afterwards. I am picturing some truly evil things right now. How well can you squeeze your asshole shut while holding your cheeks open?

So it turns out that in the US, 70 to 88 percent of women go totally bare and 58 to 78 percent of men do the same. I prefer the men that I play with to remove their pubic hair, it means that I don’t have to worry about it getting caught in the rope, clamps or other toys that I plan on using for CBT or other fun. If they still have hair, it’s best if it’s neatly trimmed and not some wild growth forest. Besides, long hair like that gets caught up in my inch long claws, I mean fingernails. If you’re not up for waxing, I am happy to help you out with shaving those balls for you, I won’t be gentle and I can’t promise that you won’t end up with a few nicks… But that’s what happens when you play with a woman who enjoys blood sports.


Medical Session

Now, what happens in session is always between my clients an me, but sometimes I have so much fun, I want to share at least a little bit with everyone. So without any intimate details, but enough that I can brag about how much fun we had here is my super fun medical session from the other day.

He arrived, we had our talk about limits, he had very few. I love when I get to have a lot of freedom in session. I also love when I get to have fun with a role play like I did in this one. We agreed to some basic medical stuff with a few not so basic things. I got to break out the saline again – it’s almost time to order another case, the medical supply place is going to start wondering if I’m drinking the stuff! It was a non stop barrage of instrument after instrument. Sounds and needles and IVs. He played his role of terrified patient so well I was starting to get a little worried and very, very turned on!

As a woman who loves fear and pain more than just about anything else, certainly more than most traditional sexual expression, these are the kind of sessions I love. Where I get to really get into my role and feel the power flowing back and forth between my client and myself. I think it’s part of why I ended up eroticizing medical instruments and procedures after my retirement – I could see the power they granted the people who held them and the fear the patients had, even the ‘brave’ ones. Now, in a non-sexual, non-consensual context, those things aren’t very hot, but in our world, it’s pretty damn sexy!

My psychological makeup aside, I can’t wait to see him again. The more I know a person, the deeper we can go, obviously. This session was just scratching the surface, I hope I get to expose all the dark secrets of my twisted Doctor’s mind to my scared patient.