Poll Question!

Because I care so much about what other people think! LMAO! Ok, I really don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks, but I do care about you, my dear clients and fans, without whom I wouldn’t be able to build this amazing empire of Me!

So I’m going to ask you what you think I should get next, because I just can’t quite decide. I could build a vacuum bed, from the plans outlined in my friend Douglas Kent’s book The Better Built Bondage Book or I can get a fuck-saw.

Now, if I build the vacuum bed, it will have a small breathing tube – so it will be very enclosed and not for the faint of heart. I will also install an area to allow me access to the cock of the person inside, because I want to be able to torture and be cruel (well more cruel) to the poor man I’ve stuffed in the vac bed. I won’t be using latex for my first attempt at making a vac bed, since this will be a DIY project it just doesn’t make sense to use an expensive material when there are less expensive ones that I can play around with until I find a design I like.

If I go with the fuck-saw, I will be using a vacu-lock attachment, since I have so many vacu-lock dildos already, so it makes sense to make use of what I have. It also seems like a good idea to be able to change out the side of the dildo that’s pounding away at a poor, tenderized asshole/pussy, since it may get too stretched out/tired and need a break. I like to have options when it comes to the abuse of holes.

Really, when it comes down to it, you know I will get both. It’s just a matter of what comes first. I also thought it might be nice to let you see that I do listen to you sometimes, even if it’s to ignore your opinion and do what I want to do anyway! So without further ado, here is my informal little opinion poll:

Canes, Discipline & Punishment

Discipline Implements - Mistress Morgan ThorneAh, three of my favourite things; canes, discipline and punishment.

I recently picked up a large quantity of 15mm thick rattan. It is beautiful! I have soaked, straightened, cut and sanded it. I shaped a few pieces for school master canes. I’m now in the process of oiling it. In about 2 weeks I will seal the canes and they will be ready to discipline all the naughty boys who come to my dungeon.

Canes are a thing of beauty, they take a lot of work to create. They take a lot of work to wield properly. These canes are classed as Dragon Canes, due to the thickness of the rattan, used to punish and discipline the older boys in school. In a future blog I will go into detail about the types of canes and their uses, how they are made and more.

IMG_6625-2But now I want to talk about discipline. I’m in the mood to punish some bad, naughty students as Ms Morgan, the cruel Governess. Or deal out some just deserts as Mommy Morgan. Even deliver justice as Officer Thorne or extract a confession military style….

So come see me for a role play session and help me satisfy my need to punish, interrogate, torture and cause pain. I need to let my sadistic side out to play! I will push your limits and teach you new ones that you didn’t even know you had.

Or if you’re in need of absolution for past transgressions, I can help you find peace. Check out my Discipline Sessions and we can negotiate a session with a ‘no safe word’ option – because it isn’t really a punishment if you can safe word out of it!

Of course, if you’re the type to stay home and jerk it, racking up infractions for me to punish you for, let me inspire you with my Clip Store. Don’t forget to keep track of how many strokes of the cane I owe you for all of your ‘strokes’!

Busy Dungeon, Retro Clips!

Humiliating Enema - Mistress Morgan ThorneI’m a busy little Dominatrix over here at my dungeon, with so many awesome sessions going on, lots of super hot clip shoots happening, events and workshops, getting ready for my trip and preparing for all the great things I have in store for the future! Sometimes it doesn’t leave me much time to keep up with the things that I want to do right now, which can be a little annoying. Like editing and uploading all of those awesome clips that I’ve been shooting. I have them there, sitting on my camera, waiting to be uploaded to my computer.

Part of it is that I want to get a new computer to edit and render the clips, since this one is way too slow, so I’m dragging my feet. I can be a bad Domme sometimes, I shouldn’t put things off like that.

Retention Enema - Mistress Morgan ThorneAnyway, while I get my shiny, PVC clad butt in gear, I want you to enjoy a retro clip (so to speak) with a lovely lady who is always a crowd pleaser – Miss Poetry! This is one of my personal favourites with her, because I get to give her the very first enema she has ever had. It really brought us closer together, you can see the shame and humiliation on her face in every frame, the dread as we were leading up to it and the mortification she was feeling every time her bowels made a noise was palatable. It was so hot.

Pick up the Full version of the enema clip or one of the shorter segments, it’s an enjoyable role play clip in addition to the enema, Miss Poetry is gorgeous in the nude and has some wonderful reactions to both my poking and prodding and the cold shower she gets when I’m finished with her.

You can also check out the many other clips that I have by visiting my Clips4Sale store here!


Dr Morgan’s New Medical Clip

Mei Medical Gag - Mistress Morgan ThorneI was looking through some footage I have on an older drive and I came across an awesome medical clip that I hadn’t published yet!

It’s a fun role play where a mother brings her daughter in to see me for an exam, since the daughter has been letting a boy stick his ‘thing’ in her holes.

Of course, I’m such a good doctor I need to pry open a few of those holes and take swabs for the lab, to teach her a lesson! I’m pretty sure we used the biggest swab known to man, it’s gigantic :O

Mei, the girl playing the daughter in this medical scene, does a great job of looking terrified of the procedures – I think she may have actually been a little terrified to tell you the truth, those swabs were really huge. I think we may have even had some real tears at one point in the filming.

Angel played ‘mom’ and through the whole thing keeps saying ‘Wrong Answer!’ and it’s just too funny, it’s such a mom thing to do. Angel was the perfect overbearing mother with a shrill voice, like nails on a chalkboard. She managed to bully poor Mei just enough to make a horrible trip to the doctor’s office absolutely traumatizing.

Looking back it was a fun clip to shot, but I always love shooting medical stuff. It’s one of my favourites and I can’t wait to start shooting more of it soon. I will be shooting some light medical clips, since I have the large equipment handy while I build the full clinic room. It should be coming out very soon!

Anyway, if you would like to check it out, or any of my other clips, visit my Clips4Sale store here

If you prefer Kinkbomb, I have one of those too, but the clips there are older.

New Rope Bondage Teaser!


So, I get a lot of questions about rope bondage, whether I can tie a submissive up well enough that they won’t be able to escape, if they will find the experience satisfying, etc.

I love rope and tying. I tie all the time, always improving my skills. I don’t use rope that I bought at the hardware store – I have gorgeous hand made rope that you can learn about on my page dedicated to bondage (yes, I love bondage enough to have a page dedicated to it).

But, I know that men are visual creatures. In that vein, I put together a short little video so that you can see for yourself all the fun I have with rope bondage! If you like it, you can come experience it for yourself or, if you want to enjoy watching me with one of my amazingly hot submissives, you can purchase the full length videos from my store.

The video will be found permanently on my Bondage page, a HD version is uploaded to my Vimeo account (but I don’t know how long that will last, it may get flagged for sexual content), if you would like to link to it, please link to the Vimeo file!