Tight-Laced Corset

Mistress Morgan Tight Laced in a CorsetAs some of you may know I’m what’s known as a tight-lacer. I wear corsets regularly, train my waist down to ever smaller sizes and wear very tightly laced corsets on special occasions or when I want to look dramatic or extra special.

On a typical day, I wear my corsets at a modest 8 inch reduction from my natural waist, which is really quite comfortable for me. Yes, I can breathe and move just fine laced in. I wear proper corsets made for tight lacing and waist training, so they are constructed using superior materials so that they don’t buckle or twist the way cheap ones from a sex shop will. You can see in my photo here that they give me quite a nice, ‘wasp waist’ look – this is one of my sport mesh ones built for summer. Most corsets have multiple layers of fabric to help give them strength, along with the bones and waist tape, but the sports mesh is great for summer because it is nice and light so I don’t sweat so much!

I’m posting this because I’ve had so many people stop me lately and be shocked by my figure in the corset. I know it is quite dramatic! The other day I even had a man come up to me, wide eyed like a child and say that he didn’t know that people really wore corsets in real life! He was so amazed by my corset that he babbled for about 5 minutes while his wife stood behind him, embarrassed and rolling her eyes at him. I was rather amused and he seemed so happy to have seen a real, live person actually wearing a corset that I just had to laugh.


Hot Weather, Cool Dungeon!

Looks like we are in for some hot July weather to start off the week! That’s okay because the dungeon is climate controlled and beautifully cool!

I have some photo shoots scheduled for later this week and I’m building a new spanking bench today/tomorrow, so it should be ready to go very soon. There are always so many improvements going on. It’s the joy of having a new space – so much work but it’s also so exciting!

Remember that I require 24 hours notice for appointments, so be sure to email me at least a day in advance of when you would like to visit – more notice is always better, I get booked up quickly!

Sometimes I love the mail man…

My new copy of Adobe Première Elements 10 arrived at the dungeon door a moment ago, just in time for the weekend.

I’ve been in need of new editing software and I tried out the Adobe Cloud, with all the fancy, advanced programs but sadly they were a little over my head! So I’m going to start out with Elements, which is the easier, simpler version of Adobe’s video editing software. Once I get used to this and get my money’s worth, I will consider upgrading to the more advanced software.

I guess I know what I’m doing all weekend! (I have a whole bunch of raw video that needs to be edited too, so this arrived just in time!) If only I could get the desktop computer outside to the courtyard, then I would be a happy Mistress indeed.

Los Angeles In September

I am happy to announce that I will be presenting at CatalystCon in LA in September – the conference runs from Sept 11 – 14. I am looking at some options to extend my stay so that I can enjoy the city and all it has to offer, since it will be my first visit there.

I may also be stopping in Niagara Falls before flying out, full details of my trip will be posted soon.

Getting Some Photos Posted

Med1I’m getting some photos posted of the new dungeon space, it’s really starting to come together! While the decor will take a while and some of the furniture is still being built, things are really coming together nicely. I’m absolutely in love with my new space and so is everyone who visits.

I’ve decided that the main room will be getting a Japanese makeover, since I have a bunch of art in that persuasion and it’s where I end up doing most of my shibari/kinbaku.

The school room, of course is coming along nicely, I will shoot some pictures this week. The air conditioning has been installed, so it’s much easier to set up all the lighting needed to take photos when you can counteract the heat the lights generate with the AC!

I guess that’s the other important thing – the dungeon is now fully air conditioned. You don’t have to worry about sweating (from the heat at least) while you visit, because things here are nice and cool!

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