Dr Morgan’s New Medical Clip

Mei Medical Gag - Mistress Morgan ThorneI was looking through some footage I have on an older drive and I came across an awesome medical clip that I hadn’t published yet!

It’s a fun role play where a mother brings her daughter in to see me for an exam, since the daughter has been letting a boy stick his ‘thing’ in her holes.

Of course, I’m such a good doctor I need to pry open a few of those holes and take swabs for the lab, to teach her a lesson! I’m pretty sure we used the biggest swab known to man, it’s gigantic :O

Mei, the girl playing the daughter in this medical scene, does a great job of looking terrified of the procedures – I think she may have actually been a little terrified to tell you the truth, those swabs were really huge. I think we may have even had some real tears at one point in the filming.

Angel played ‘mom’ and through the whole thing keeps saying ‘Wrong Answer!’ and it’s just too funny, it’s such a mom thing to do. Angel was the perfect overbearing mother with a shrill voice, like nails on a chalkboard. She managed to bully poor Mei just enough to make a horrible trip to the doctor’s office absolutely traumatizing.

Looking back it was a fun clip to shot, but I always love shooting medical stuff. It’s one of my favourites and I can’t wait to start shooting more of it soon. I will be shooting some light medical clips, since I have the large equipment handy while I build the full clinic room. It should be coming out very soon!

Anyway, if you would like to check it out, or any of my other clips, visit my Clips4Sale store here

If you prefer Kinkbomb, I have one of those too, but the clips there are older.

New Rope Bondage Teaser!


So, I get a lot of questions about rope bondage, whether I can tie a submissive up well enough that they won’t be able to escape, if they will find the experience satisfying, etc.

I love rope and tying. I tie all the time, always improving my skills. I don’t use rope that I bought at the hardware store – I have gorgeous hand made rope that you can learn about on my page dedicated to bondage (yes, I love bondage enough to have a page dedicated to it).

But, I know that men are visual creatures. In that vein, I put together a short little video so that you can see for yourself all the fun I have with rope bondage! If you like it, you can come experience it for yourself or, if you want to enjoy watching me with one of my amazingly hot submissives, you can purchase the full length videos from my store.

The video will be found permanently on my Bondage page, a HD version is uploaded to my Vimeo account (but I don’t know how long that will last, it may get flagged for sexual content), if you would like to link to it, please link to the Vimeo file!

Special Long Weekend Watersports Clip!

WaterSports Clip - Mistress Morgan ThorneThis watersports clip was filmed a while ago, but I just remembered it now! It’s an extra special one, I’m pissing in a dog bowl, just for you – it’s an expensive one because you catch a glimpse of my pussy while I prepare your special treat for you.

I love watersports, the taboo of it, the naughtiness of it, the sheer ‘ick’ factor that so many people seem to have! When you find people who are into it though, they always seem to be really into it, if you know what I mean. The sound of that tinkle in the toilet, the scent of strong pee, the taste of it on your tongue, it excites in a way that nothing else can. It’s so wrong but so very, very right.

I enjoy making watersport clips and I will be making more. I have some fantastic ideas, things I really want to see, some I will start filming soon. Until then, you will have to enjoy the one clip, just the one, for now.

So buy the clip, watch it and enjoy it as much as you can, then contact me to book a real time watersports session to make the fantasy become reality! My doggy bowl is waiting for you….

Tight-Laced Corset

Mistress Morgan Tight Laced in a CorsetAs some of you may know I’m what’s known as a tight-lacer. I wear corsets regularly, train my waist down to ever smaller sizes and wear very tightly laced corsets on special occasions or when I want to look dramatic or extra special.

On a typical day, I wear my corsets at a modest 8 inch reduction from my natural waist, which is really quite comfortable for me. Yes, I can breathe and move just fine laced in. I wear proper corsets made for tight lacing and waist training, so they are constructed using superior materials so that they don’t buckle or twist the way cheap ones from a sex shop will. You can see in my photo here that they give me quite a nice, ‘wasp waist’ look – this is one of my sport mesh ones built for summer. Most corsets have multiple layers of fabric to help give them strength, along with the bones and waist tape, but the sports mesh is great for summer because it is nice and light so I don’t sweat so much!

I’m posting this because I’ve had so many people stop me lately and be shocked by my figure in the corset. I know it is quite dramatic! The other day I even had a man come up to me, wide eyed like a child and say that he didn’t know that people really wore corsets in real life! He was so amazed by my corset that he babbled for about 5 minutes while his wife stood behind him, embarrassed and rolling her eyes at him. I was rather amused and he seemed so happy to have seen a real, live person actually wearing a corset that I just had to laugh.


Hot Weather, Cool Dungeon!

Looks like we are in for some hot July weather to start off the week! That’s okay because the dungeon is climate controlled and beautifully cool!

I have some photo shoots scheduled for later this week and I’m building a new spanking bench today/tomorrow, so it should be ready to go very soon. There are always so many improvements going on. It’s the joy of having a new space – so much work but it’s also so exciting!

Remember that I require 24 hours notice for appointments, so be sure to email me at least a day in advance of when you would like to visit – more notice is always better, I get booked up quickly!