LA Trip & Poll Results

So it turns out that September will be a busy one for me! I am off to LA next week, to speak at CatalystCon and have a bit of fun exploring a new city! I’ve learned, over this last year, that I really enjoy travelling alone. It’s fun to show up in a new city, not knowing anyone or anything and hope you can figure it all out. I had a great time in DC and I can’t wait to get to Los Angeles.

While I don’t have much interest in touring the movie studios, I do want to check out Venice Beach, Sunset Strip, Griffith Park & Observatory and the Museum of Natural History. If there is something really cool that you know about, tweet me about it!

Also, the poll results are in! I will be building a vacuum bed when I return from my trip! The results were 7 votes to 3, so I think I got a pretty clear answer about what you guys want. Don’t worry though, the fucksaw will be coming. The attachment isn’t expensive and I’m sure I can use a sawzall around the dungeon!

Ass Play - Mistress Morgan ThorneThat’s it for now, I will have more updates before I go. Since I’m not leaving you totally without any pictures or anything, here is one from a recent clip “Be Careful What You ‘Ass’ For” since I know what an obsession men have with shoving things up their asses (an obsession I am happy to indulge, as long as I get to enjoy my own twist on the situation, as I did in this clip!)

Afraid of the Dentist?

Dentist - Mistress Morgan ThorneWere you afraid of the dentist when you were young? I have a fabulous baby blue dentist chair that brings back memories of dental visits from my childhood, so it should hit home for a few of you too!

The sights, the smells, the sounds! Oh yes, the sounds! I really should get a recording of that lovely drill, but it just might set my nerves on edge, having to listen to it! I’ll just put it on the iPod, under the industrial ear muffs, so I don’t have to hear it. With your mouth cranked open by the dental gag or one of the new gags I have on order, I won’t even have to listen to you scream. Peace and quiet for me while I work at torturing you, ear piercing horror for you. Seems right to me.

Dentist - Mistress Morgan ThorneI’ve been enjoying playing dentist lately, it seems to be a new obsession. You know how I can be. I get on a tear and it’s all I want to do for a while. Like when I was all about torturing feet, that was fun, I will have to obsess about that again soon! But for now it’s playing with being an evil dentist. Tongue injections anyone?

I think it’s hitting on all the right buttons for me, it has the psychological factors, so many people have childhood fears about dentists, so many people are still nervous about them. There are many tender parts of the mouth that I can safely poke and prod to cause pain, as well as prying open the nose and mouth for exposure and embarrassment. When I get done with traditional ‘dentistry’ (since I’m using the term very loosely, I have no training in this area of medicine!) I can move on to other areas close by, as the second picture reveals.

If you want to check out my first foray into the world of playing dentist, go to my clip store and pick up Dentist Morgan Thorne Finds A Cavity!

As always you can experience it for yourself by booking an appointment with me at my dungeon!

Poll Question!

Because I care so much about what other people think! LMAO! Ok, I really don’t give two fucks what anyone thinks, but I do care about you, my dear clients and fans, without whom I wouldn’t be able to build this amazing empire of Me!

So I’m going to ask you what you think I should get next, because I just can’t quite decide. I could build a vacuum bed, from the plans outlined in my friend Douglas Kent’s book The Better Built Bondage Book or I can get a fuck-saw.

Now, if I build the vacuum bed, it will have a small breathing tube – so it will be very enclosed and not for the faint of heart. I will also install an area to allow me access to the cock of the person inside, because I want to be able to torture and be cruel (well more cruel) to the poor man I’ve stuffed in the vac bed. I won’t be using latex for my first attempt at making a vac bed, since this will be a DIY project it just doesn’t make sense to use an expensive material when there are less expensive ones that I can play around with until I find a design I like.

If I go with the fuck-saw, I will be using a vacu-lock attachment, since I have so many vacu-lock dildos already, so it makes sense to make use of what I have. It also seems like a good idea to be able to change out the side of the dildo that’s pounding away at a poor, tenderized asshole/pussy, since it may get too stretched out/tired and need a break. I like to have options when it comes to the abuse of holes.

Really, when it comes down to it, you know I will get both. It’s just a matter of what comes first. I also thought it might be nice to let you see that I do listen to you sometimes, even if it’s to ignore your opinion and do what I want to do anyway! So without further ado, here is my informal little opinion poll:

Canes, Discipline & Punishment

Discipline Implements - Mistress Morgan ThorneAh, three of my favourite things; canes, discipline and punishment.

I recently picked up a large quantity of 15mm thick rattan. It is beautiful! I have soaked, straightened, cut and sanded it. I shaped a few pieces for school master canes. I’m now in the process of oiling it. In about 2 weeks I will seal the canes and they will be ready to discipline all the naughty boys who come to my dungeon.

Canes are a thing of beauty, they take a lot of work to create. They take a lot of work to wield properly. These canes are classed as Dragon Canes, due to the thickness of the rattan, used to punish and discipline the older boys in school. In a future blog I will go into detail about the types of canes and their uses, how they are made and more.

IMG_6625-2But now I want to talk about discipline. I’m in the mood to punish some bad, naughty students as Ms Morgan, the cruel Governess. Or deal out some just deserts as Mommy Morgan. Even deliver justice as Officer Thorne or extract a confession military style….

So come see me for a role play session and help me satisfy my need to punish, interrogate, torture and cause pain. I need to let my sadistic side out to play! I will push your limits and teach you new ones that you didn’t even know you had.

Or if you’re in need of absolution for past transgressions, I can help you find peace. Check out my Discipline Sessions and we can negotiate a session with a ‘no safe word’ option – because it isn’t really a punishment if you can safe word out of it!

Of course, if you’re the type to stay home and jerk it, racking up infractions for me to punish you for, let me inspire you with my Clip Store. Don’t forget to keep track of how many strokes of the cane I owe you for all of your ‘strokes’!

Busy Dungeon, Retro Clips!

Humiliating Enema - Mistress Morgan ThorneI’m a busy little Dominatrix over here at my dungeon, with so many awesome sessions going on, lots of super hot clip shoots happening, events and workshops, getting ready for my trip and preparing for all the great things I have in store for the future! Sometimes it doesn’t leave me much time to keep up with the things that I want to do right now, which can be a little annoying. Like editing and uploading all of those awesome clips that I’ve been shooting. I have them there, sitting on my camera, waiting to be uploaded to my computer.

Part of it is that I want to get a new computer to edit and render the clips, since this one is way too slow, so I’m dragging my feet. I can be a bad Domme sometimes, I shouldn’t put things off like that.

Retention Enema - Mistress Morgan ThorneAnyway, while I get my shiny, PVC clad butt in gear, I want you to enjoy a retro clip (so to speak) with a lovely lady who is always a crowd pleaser – Miss Poetry! This is one of my personal favourites with her, because I get to give her the very first enema she has ever had. It really brought us closer together, you can see the shame and humiliation on her face in every frame, the dread as we were leading up to it and the mortification she was feeling every time her bowels made a noise was palatable. It was so hot.

Pick up the Full version of the enema clip or one of the shorter segments, it’s an enjoyable role play clip in addition to the enema, Miss Poetry is gorgeous in the nude and has some wonderful reactions to both my poking and prodding and the cold shower she gets when I’m finished with her.

You can also check out the many other clips that I have by visiting my Clips4Sale store here!